Comments on the application of  Thermal waist protector

Health effect

Improves blood circulation in the lumbar region. Recommended for damaged lumbar muscles. For radiculitis - eases aches and pains in the lumbar region. If wetted, quickly relieves acute sciatic attacks. Recommended for a spinal trauma, intervertebral hernia, osteochondrosis, intercostal neuralgia.

Increases peristalsis.

Helps reduce fat in the waist and abdomen. Improves shape.

Indications for use:

Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract: gastritis, pancreatitis, cholecystitis, colitis, etc.
Diseases of the cardiovascular system: cardio-vascular dystonia, hypertension, peripheral vascular disease, etc.
Used for the following diseases of the genitourinary system: cystitis, urethritis, pyelonephritis, prostatitis, impotence, infertility, adnexitises, benign neoplasms. When menstruation is painful, it reduces pain in the lower abdomen, also reduces inflammatory gynecological diseases.

Mode of application:

Put the Thermal waist protector right on the waist (or, possibly, on your stomach), twice a day for 15-30 minutes (wetted) and up to 3-5 hours (dry). It is not recommended to use it during sleep. A small group of usersshows an increased sensitivity, which is quite normal. In this case, reduce the time of usage.

Care instructions:

Wipe the area of biological reaction with a damp soft cloth. The remaining parts can be washed with water without detergent. Do not crumple the product. Avoid direct sunlight. Dry and store in a dark place.

General contraindications:

Cancer (especially 3 and 4 stage), severe cardiovascular disease, severe mental illness, pregnancy, pacemaker. It should be noted that traditional physiotherapy usually has more contraindications.

Production: The company Yupintan, Ltd., The production of health food products, Zhuhai.
Production location: Room 245, Lunsya Street, Doumen District, Zhuhai, Guangdong Province, China

Smanovskaya Vera, age: 76, Komsomolsk-upon-Amur

Problem / disease: I joined the company after a complicated operation, having a large "bouquet" of diseases: pyelonephritis, cystitis, renal ptosis, myocardial infarction, duodenal ulcer, pancreatitis, gastrointestinal disease, gastritis (gastric mucosa atrophied). At spring and autumn I have seasonal exacerbation of gallstone and kidney-stone disease.
Products: I’ve been taking Fohow products since 2009.  In addition to the products, I took a thermal waist and neck protector. This is my "magic wand", I work with them in the country, feeling 10-15 years younger.
Result: there is an improvement: pyelonephritis has gone, as well as cystitis, I have no seasonal exacerbations of the digestive tract, gastritis has already turned into an easy one. Many thanks to the company for its products!

Lomteva Svetlana, age: 46, Krasnoyarsk
Problem / disease: in 2008 I had a problem with my spine (disc protrusion). Due to an infringement of the nerve root I had severe pain in my back and left leg. I could not sit, stand or lie down.
Products: a friend recommended a thermal waist protector.
Result: after three days of application went to work, and completely forgot about pain after two weeks!

Yevgeny Sidorov, age: 24, Vladivostok
Problem / disease: Due to scoliosis, I’ve been periodically disturbed by terrible back pain during the last 6 years, I even could’nt sleep at night.
Products: 4 months ago, during another painful episode, I put a thermal waist protector for the first time.
Result: the pain disappeared. The belt is now constantly with me!

Cherezova Olga, age: 38, Vladivostok
The problem / disease: For quite a long  time I was taking pharmaceutical preparations for the treatment of herniated disc, back pain and vascular abnormalities (narrowing of the vertebral artery in the neck), but the result was not positive!
Products: Linchzhi capsules, Xueqingfu capsules, Elixir "Phoenix" and a thermal waist protector.
Result: Condition has improved a lot within five months: back pain disappeared and sleep became normal. It’s harder with blood vessels, but the result is yet to come!

Blotskii Vasily , age: 53, Khabarovsk
The problem / illness: I had a serious work accident : fell from a scaffold and injured my spine. Additionally doctors diagnosed "gangrene" and the chances of life were a few .
Product: But I survived and now I work and  easily endure exercise only due to the powerful elixir "Phoenix", Linchzhi capsules, Xueqingfu, "Liuwei" tea,  a thermal waist protector and calcium "Haytsao Gai".
The result: a fully restored structure of the blood and the calcium in the body. But the overall life happiness felt only after I had returned male power , even tougher than when I was young (!) , and the bald spot on my head covered with hair. What else a man need? Hearty thanks to the "Fohow" company for its noble mission!

Laptev Elena, age: 52, Vladivostok
Problem / disease: 3-year-long depression, pain and crunch in the hands and feet, inflammation of the shoulder joint, back pain due to the sacral region dysfunction, gastritis.
Products: I’ve been taking Fohow products for 6 months, including thermal waist protector.
Result: In a week my depression has gone, in a month gastritis has disappeared,  osteochondrosis has gone. I’m not bothered by premenopausal syndrome and vascular dystonia anymore!

Olga, age: 48, Ussuriysk
Problem / disease: severe headaches. Doctors diagnosed a lumbar and cervical osteochondrosis.
Products: During a month I’ve been taking Fohow products and wearing the thermal waist protector.
Result: pain in my back has gone, as well as a headache, my sleep has improved. I feel great. Many thanks to the Fohow company products!

Volchik Oksana
Problem / disease: sciatica! Corny, but it hurts!
Products: Diring 3 days I put the thermal waist protector for the night time. I also and pasted aromatic patches on the lumbo-sacral region.
Result: the miracle happened - I could even bend over!

Graevskii Dmitry, age: 49, Ussuriysk
Problem / disease: I’ve been suffering from thrombophlebitis since I was 18. Treatment did not help, doctors suggested the amputation of legs, because my legs were in a state of gangrene.
Result: After one month of taking Fohow products, the left leg edema has gon , the skin of the leg has become brighter, the lameness has stopped. On the third day of  wearing a thermal waist protector  the pain from osteoarthritis went. I have completely forgotten about the sciatic nerve! But, before I started using Fohow products I had not even been able to carry a bag in my hand – I had no strength and was on disability. Thanks to the company for the fact, that I’ve been working on construction sites for 3 months now - I think that says it all. Thank you so much for such a wonderful preparations!

Barzenin F., age: 29
Problem / disease: in relation to the reduced blood pressure, I had an effect of "cold" hands and feet.
Products: I’m wearing a thermal waist protector, besides, I took a course of  “Xueqingfu” capsules.
The result: Fohow products reduce stress, improve sleep. The problem has gone!

Barzenina G. ,  age: 34
The problem / disease: For 20 years I had been suffering from chronic bronchitis with constant off-season exacerbations. In addition, migraine caused a lot of suffering, I had low blood pressure (90/50) , sciatica , chronic insomnia, nervous tic, I got overweight .
Products: “Liuwei” tea, paste "Rose ", "Linchzhi " capsules, Gaotseng nutritional tablets,  “Haytsao Gai” calcium liquid and  a thermal waist- and neck- protector .
The result: I completely got rid of bronchitis and migraines. I sleep normally and have a normal blood pressure (115 /75) , a nervous tic and back pain has gone, I’ve lost 13 pounds! Now I’m in a wonderful mood!

Nikitina Nadezhda, age: 63, Komsomolsk-on-Amur
Products: I take all of the Fohow company's products, and I wear thermal waist and neck protectors.
Result: I feel great. The neck protector, tea or "Linchzhi" capsules, which I always have in my purse, quickly relieve fatigue, accumulated during the day. When I happened to hit my head, the thermal neck protector, applied to my forehead, made pain and bumps disappear within 2 hours, a bruise never appeared.

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