Point stimulator Fohow-WAND

Point stimulator FOHOW-WAND is an electrical device for stimulation of biologically active points. At home it replaces traditional acupuncture.

5 features of Point stimulator Fohow-WAND

1. Because of the sensitivity of biologically active points to low frequency electromagnetic pulse the problem of their precise location is solved. This allows users to easily locate BAP and to make necessary impact.
2. The device has 6 frequency modes, the regulation of which is carried out by subjective feelings of a user. The output frequency range of current is from 0 to 1000 Hz, which makes the instrument safe and reliable. So you avoid damage to muscle tissue and capillaries contacting with the working surface of the device.
3. The instrument consists of multifunctional physiotherapy nozzle that suits best to the requirements of therapeutic procedures with different level of precision.
4. This device eliminates the fear of medical needles, and the possibility of burns. It improves the accuracy of locating BAP, makes easier mastering of acupuncture technique, and also solves many other shortcomings of traditional acupuncture and moxibustion therapy.
5. This device is light and compact, easy to use at any time in any situation, it is an essential health- support for the middle-aged and elderly people.

Instructions for using:

  1. Carefully read the user manual, strictly follow the recommendations.
  2. People suffering from cardiovascular diseases should use the device with caution.
  3. Not for people with an integrated pacemaker or an artificial heart.
  4. Not for pregnant women and children up to 10 years.
  5. Using in high-humid areas not recommended.
  6. Never use it while driving, as well as performing other hazardous activities.

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