Elixir Phoenix

ФениксElixir "Phoenix" is a unique system product with immunity modulating effects. It has a strong antioxidant effect, improves lung and kidney function, regulates the balance of all organs and systems of the body.

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Liuwei cha

Лювэй Феникс.jpg

“Liuwei” tea Fohow - fresh aroma, nice taste, healthy body!

The recipe  of “Liuwei” tea Fohow is based on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). This tea will protect you from disease of the heart and brain, diabetes and other diseases. In addition, the tea will help your body cope with the digestion of food in the stomach, to protect against the formation of fatty deposits and cellulite. Tea is soothing, it is recommended for high cholesterol, high blood pressure.

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Linchzhi capsules

Линчжи.jpgGanoderma lucidum is called a "plant of eternal youth." It has been believed that Ganoderma strengthens the body, stimulates the production of semen and promotes longevity. Capsules "Linchzhi" slow tumor growth, strengthen the heart, protect the liver, regulate blood pressure, lower blood sugar, fatigue and slow down the aging process, soothe and improve sleep quality. The preparation is the source of polysaccharides, amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

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High-fiber Nutritional Tablets Gaosen

Гаосен ФениксNutritional tablets "Gaosen Fohow" were created by a group of specialists in Scietific Research Institute of recovery products. This drug combines clearing and restoring function. It is unusually rich in nutrients, so promotes longevity.

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Xueqingfu capsules

СюэчинфуXueqingfu capsules prevent diseases of the cardiovascular system, increase vitality. The drug contains nattokinase, an extract of grape seed and Gynostemma pentaphyllum extract. Use of the drug promotes efficient resorption of blood clots, cleanses the blood of toxins, maintains normal function of capillaries.

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Rose Oligose

Роза Феникс

Extract of rose flowers in the fruit paste "Rose Fohow " cleanses the liver and has a cosmetic effect. This product regulates the balance of intestinal flora and eliminates dysbiosis. It has a positive effect on intestinal permeability and improves complexion. It is effective for allergies and aging muscles. It is also recommended to improve breath odor, to eliminate body odors, to keep your intenstines young.

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Elixir 3 treasures Fohow

Три драгоценности ФениксElixir "Three Treasures Fohow": the shine of fate

Elixir "Three Treasures "  is the most prominent bioimmune-regulating drug in China , established in the Research Institute of the "Fohow" corporation.  The drug is based on the elixir "Phoenix" with the addition of mountain ants extract, the newest raw material in food industry. The concentration of Cordyceps in "Three Treasures Fohow" reaches 80%.

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Calcium Haytsao Gai

Хайцао ГайSoft Capsules "Haytsao Gai" from green seaweed lyutsao are very similar in composition with spirulina and, also, have a similar effect. A significant amount of vitamins and minerals including calcium in those seaweed should be noted.

With age the recovery of bone tissue in the human body is slowed down, resulting in an metabolic disease called osteoporosis, which is manifested in the reduction of bone mass .

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Sanqing oral liquid

Elixir “Sanqing Fohow” is a natural product, restoring health nutrition. It is produced from natural herbal ingredients, with the help of the latest technologies. That is why active components of raw materials are completely preserved in the final product and easily absorbed by the body.

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